Bar & Table, Fast Casual Restaurant Point of Sale

Total Touch Point of Sale Software

Total Touch is a fully PCI compliant, robust Point of Sale solution, designed for restaurants, with functionality and ease of use in mind. Total Touch is designed to deliver concise performance with solid database structural elements to ensure that the software keeps running and your staff keeps moving. 

Demos of Total Touch can be performed remotely and in person, and there is no obligation. In the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, a demo can be held at a Live Restaurant that closely resembles your service structure. 

Front of House Operations 

Whether table service or quick service, Total Touch is designed to keep you and your business moving.

Fast Bar Features:

  • Start Tab with CC
  • Fast-pace Interface
  • Easy and fluid floor/counter operations
  • Concise Workflow
  • Pinpoint check detail and reporting
  • Customized databases

All databases are custom written per work order. Konar Solutions takes great pride and care in database writing, installation, and training to help keep your admin group moving.

Back of House Operations 

The Total Touch back office has extremely accessible features to help streamline and simplify the maintenance of your point of sale system.


  •  Menu Item Module: Adjustments can be made quickly.
  • Adding and Adjusting modifiers
  • Change Prices by Report Group
  • Easily exportable database information
  • Employee Scheduling

Feature Rich – Built Like a Tank 

Hold/Unhold, Time Fire, Stock Item Quantity (86 Countdown), Menu Item Description – these were a few features that are very quickly accessed through Total Touch operations. Other features include making the entire check Carry Out at the touch of a button. Extremely easy to read Kitchen Tickets and very sophisticated Guest Checks are a celebrated feature for Total Touch.

PCI Compliant software, designed and built by the company who understands stability in Database structure, have made this product to stand the test of time. The Software just keeps on running! Coupled with rock solid Hardware, Total Touch POS and Konar Solutions will keep you running smoothly.

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